Hayley Karl is a comedic writer living in Brooklyn, New York. She began her artistic career as a photographer, which gradually gave way to her life as a documentarian. As a documentarian, she directed/produced the political short Electoral High School, which explores the strengths and weaknesses of the Electoral College by employing its conventions in a vote for prom king and queen.

In 2013, Hayley performed at Gotham Comedy Club's StoryTalks. Afterward, a person who wrote one episode of Seinfeld told her she was funny so she decided to pursue comedy full time. Hayley trained as improvisor at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in 2014 and performed with Indie Team Eddie Spice Jr. She started sketch writing at UCB and Magnet Theater and in 2015, she became a member of Magnet House Sketch Team, Dreadful Affair. She is currently a member of Magnet's veteran house team Dinosaur Jones and a proud member newly formed comedy trio, Desperate Women.




"Henry Gubbo Giggles" | Dinosaur Jones - Magnet Theater | Writer

"Me and My Penis" | Dinosaur Jones - Magnet Theater | Writer

"McDonald Intervention" | Dinosaur Jones - Magnet Theater | Writer

"Obsessed With Lavender" | Dinosaur Jones - Magnet Theater | Writer

"Flakey Kidnapper" | UCB Sketch 301 Class Show | Writer

Florida Is The Best Place | Comedy Sketch | Writer - Director

(GORILLA)SUIT & TIE | Comedy Sketch | Producer - Editor - Director