Trapped in the Bunker

(old writing, still relevant)


Barbara Simpson, a.k.a. “Babe in the Bunker", a conservative commentator on WND recently wrote a piece on Ryan Andresen, the Boy Scout whose post-coming-out led to the denial of his Eagle Scout status, national attention, and the greatest challenge the Boy Scouts of America have ever faced. 

"Imagine - one kid in California has put the Boy Scouts of America in the position of deciding whether to change a core belief of the organization for more than 100 years. …for reasons not clear - but not hard to figure out - his [Andresen] words and actions have caused a national crisis for the Scouts, which will come to a head during a meeting of the Scouts National Council in May." - WND

It’s true. Andresen’s words and actions have caused a “national crisis" for the Scouts, who are trained to be respectful, responsible, and handle life-threatening situations, but are completely unprepared to confront non-straight sexual orientation. Babe’s piece goes on to suggest that Andresen’s challenge to the Scouts is a perfectly timed leftist setup to publicly shame an honorable organization into changing its core beliefs, thus transforming it into something it is not. What this transformation would actually mean, Babe never explains and she’s hinged her words on the fact that she is writing “with the cold-eye of a reporter" though she fails to list any persons or organizations that are linked to this methodically planned leftist scheme.

I’m concerned for Babe in the Bunker. It seems like the difficulties of reporting from such a small space are taking a toll. Is Babe getting enough oxygen in that underground room? We should send some Boy Scouts to check on her, they know how to safely remove a person from a room filled with carbon monoxide. If CO isn’t the problem, they can get inside and at the very least use their extensive training in communication to explain to Babe the difference between a “cold-eyed" journalistic report and an opinion piece.

This is an opinion piece and I can see how - from a bunker - one could conclude that it’s always the straight folks’ beloved institutions that have to change for the gays. Why can’t their institutions change for US? I have a suggestion to help balance things out. A change to a gay institution that has been in place for many years; the term, “coming out of the closet." It’s so light and friendly, and what would sitcoms do without it? But as Babe’s piece makes clear, coming out is not light or friendly for LGBTQ youth or adults; it’s a war zone out there. Coming out means being fully exposed to the blasts from family, friends and complete strangers in order to simply BE who you are. Which is why, I would like to propose a new term for declaring your non-straight sexual orientation: “Coming Out of the Bunker." And I would like to take this opportunity to invite Babe, to be the first.     -hk